bicycle mechanics

Several bike shops offer package deals and walk-ins during sani2c. While only the service providers advertised below are to be used for sani2c – because they have been pre-approved for access to sani2c race villages – these deals are private matters between the bike shops and the riders. The bike shops and mechanics at sani2c race villages are:

bobby's cycles

We have been doing this event from day one and have 25 years experience in this industry.

We are offering a 2 day service package which include:

  • Wash and clean bikes
  • Lube chain/deraillers/pivots etc
  • Tune gears and brakes
  • Top up sealant day 2
  • Pre-race check daily
  • Check tyre and shock pressures

039 682 3499
[email protected]

bxtreme cycles

Servicing for the Race event.
Craig West
082 785 8666
[email protected]

cape cycle transporters

Servicing for the Trail & Race events.
Leon Prak
082 932 3938
[email protected]

complete cyclist

Michelle Townsend
082 802 4887
[email protected]

concept cyclery kzn: waterfall

031 762 1416
[email protected]

concept cyclery kzn: ballito

032 586 3681
[email protected]

cycle house bike mechanics

Anton Smal
012 546 9888
[email protected]

hatfield cycles

012 362 0036
[email protected]

hattons cycles

Hattons Cycles have been associated with sani2c since inception.

We offer a 2 day service package which includes:

  • Wash and lube
  • Adjust breaks and gears
  • Straighten front and rear wheels
  • Torque all bolts
  • Check for wear
  • Check entire bike
  • Excludes spares

033 342 2050 / 033 345 1135
[email protected]

my bicycle mechanic

We have 17 years’ experience in the industry and provide the following 2 day service package:

  • Wash and lube
  • Full Point Check on the entire bike
  • Gears and brakes checked and adjusted
  • Chain and drive-chain checked for wear
  • Tyres checked for wear, damage and inflated to desired pressure
  • Sealant check
  • Wheels trued and tensioned
  • All bearings checked for safety and adjusted if required

Basically, a minor service every day. This excludes all spares.

073 891 0375
[email protected]

over the bars cycles

Our package covers the following:

  • Wash and lube
  • Check for chain and drivechain checked for wear
  • Check over bike
  • Check brakes and gear settings
  • Check wheels and true and tension
  • Check sealant
  • Check tyres for wear, damage and inflate
  • All bearings checked for safety and adjusted if required
  • Secure lock-up

076 895 1576 (Cell) and 087 086 2053 (Office)
[email protected]

republic sport adventure

Mechanical support for Trail and Adventure events only
031 564 8499
[email protected]
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