KAP sani2c has welcomed e-bikes to enter sani2c for several years. For a host of reasons, but mainly in order to have e-bikers well catered for, and for them to feel welcomed by all riders, we have decided to only cater for e-bikers in the Trail event. No e-bikes will be allowed to enter the Race or Adventure events at KAP sani2c.

The sani2c Trail event will cater for any teams with one, or both, teammates on an e-bike. The Trail will also allow for teams with both team members on conventional bikes, should they want to ride with a group that includes e-bikers.

E-bikers can select to enter one of two categories within the Trail event: RACE Group, or TRAIL Group.

race group

If you will be racing on e-bikes at KAP sani2c, you need to enter the RACE Group category. The KAP sani2c e-bike RACE Group will feature podiums and leader jerseys for the fastest teams in the following categories:

  • E-Bike Men (19+)
  • E-Bike Women (19+)
  • E-Bike Mixed (19+)

The e-bike RACE group is for any team with one, or both, teammates on an e-bike. These teams must be able to maintain an average speed of at least 18km/h with only one battery change per stage. This swap will happen at the second water point of each day. E-Bikers in the RACE Group will not be allowed to use more than one battery per rider per day. The e-bike RACE batches will be the first two batches ahead of the other batches.

trail group

Should you be at sani2c to enjoy the experience with friends, family, work mates or clients, at the pace you are comfortable with, the TRAIL Group is for you. Riders in the TRAIL Group will start 10 minutes after the last RACE Group batch. The e-bike TRAIL Group is for any team with one, or both, teammates on an e-bike, but these teams will not qualify for podium positions, rather for fun prizes daily. The KAP sani2c team will cater for one battery swap per stage. This swap will happen at the second water point of each day. If you wish to swap out batteries more than once per day, you will be required to carry the extra battery with you.

battery charging

KAP sani2c will supply bike racks with power points at each overnight race village. After your bike has been washed you will need to rack your bike and assure that it is charging. Once it is charged you will be required to remove it from the charging racks and rack it in the bike park. Charging of extra batteries will be catered for at the official bike battery charging rooms. Please bring your own battery chargers and adaptors compatible with SA 3-prong plugs.

You must hand in your extra battery to the race office prior to your start if you wish to swap it out during the stage. We will then transport your battery to the second water point. We will transport the empty batteries to the next race village race office. You need to collect your empty battery and take it to charge. Please note you need to charge your batteries at the designated e-bike charging stations and not at the Red-E charging stations. Please make sure your batteries and adaptors are clearly labelled.

We look forward to hosting the KAP sani2c Trail, with exciting e-bike racing in the RACE Group, and a wonderful, fun e-bike experience for the Trail Group.

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