Absolute Motion will again assist us to help you have your best sani2c possible in 2020.

We are super excited to be able to partner with the pioneers of stage racing in South Africa for another exciting edition of the KAP sani2c.

2020 will be the third year that Absolute Motion’s coaching team will do what they can to make your sani2c just that bit better and more enjoyable.

During the last 2 years we have learnt a lot and one of the most important take-aways was that not everyone has the same expectations of what we can and should do for them.

Absolute Motion’s main objective is to add value to the people we journey with and we do not want to create expectations that we cannot meet, nor offer people a service they do not want.

For 2020 we will therefore change our approach a bit and will offer you 2 training plan options to choose from.

Generic Training Plan Personalised Training Plan
Cost Free of charge R1000 (once off)
Training Peaks Basic Yes Yes
Based on your available time per week Yes Yes
Based on your equipment (Smart Trainer / WattBike / etc.) Yes Yes
Include personalization for any other events you will be doing No Yes
FTP test planning and guidance No Yes
Monthly feedback No Yes
Continuous program adjustment to realign objectives No Yes
Coach on call No Yes

As we have done in the past, we will be sending you more information on how to register for your coaching service soon and the Training Plans will kick-off on 13 January 2020.

Should you have any questions, or want more personalized coaching now already, please do not hesitate to reach out to Absolute Motion on [email protected].