2019 KAPsani2c Training

For the 2018 KAPsani2c we pioneered a unique coaching offering in conjunction with Absolute Motion. This was the 1st time an integrated, measurable training solution was offered for free to stage race participants using the industry leading Training Peaks platform.

The feedback we had about this was overwhelming positive and for the 2019 KAPsani2c, Absolute Motion will again assist us to help you have your best sani2c possible.

The Absolute Motion Coaching team has been assisting cyclists to achieve their cycling dreams and/or just to have more fun on their bikes all over South Africa since 2000. Many of the current starts we all admire on podiums have been nurtured by them and we are very confident in their ability to assist you to prepare correctly to have a great 2019 KAPsani2c.

The Absolute Motion Coaching team has a standard that they have to be better than yesterday. Yes, as athletes we want to improve on yesterday and they believe that the people who guide you on achieving this goal, your coach, should also improve on their yesterday. This approach is resulting in the Absolute Motion Coaching team’s approach to coaching and communication evolving and improving all the time and we are excited to see what they will be bringing to your 2019 KAP sani2c experience this time.

The free 16-week 2019 KAPsani2c Training Plans kicked off on Monday 21 January. If you have missed any of our previous correspondence, you can still join by following this link to register.

Once you have registered the team from Absolute Motion will make contact with you to assist you in making the 2019 KAPsani2c the best ever.

For any training related questions, feel free to contact Absolute Motion’s head coach, Johann Wykerd, on

For more information on Training Peaks have a listen to this short video: