We encourage family and friends to support their riders during the event. Supporters are most welcome to meet riders at the designated spectator points on each day of the race.

Collect your spectator map from registration at Glencairn Farm, or download one here. The sani2c route closely follows the Underberg to coast tar road, R612. Day 1 and 2 have three spectator points and Day 3 has two spectator points. All the roads that are marked roads for supporters are passable and mostly good. Any vehicle can use them.


Due to the fact that the race villages are at their full capacity, we cannot accommodate supporters in the race villages. Supporters need to be fully self-sufficient and stay outside of the race villages. There is strict control at the race villages and only riders will be allowed access into the rider areas. Supporters will be restricted to the finish line areas only. Supporters and back up personnel using camper vans etc., need to register and book their sites.


Directions to race villages can be found here: Directions


Download a .PDF version here: Spectator and supporters map

Day 1 Spectator Map:

Day 2 Spectator Map:

Day 3 Spectator Map:


All camper vans, caravans, etc, need to book and pay for parking. This includes parking at Glencairn Farm, MacKenzie Club and Jolivet.

Bookings for your camper van/mobile home will be available later in 2019.

At registration please collect your disc which will be required to be displayed in you vehicles front window.

Please note that drivers/supporters will not be allowed into the race villages. An area and site will be allocated to your team. Please book access for all your support personnel and crew. They will not be allowed to utilise your tent in the race village as we have found that they often go to bed late thereby disturbing sleeping riders in the tented area. They will also not be allowed to move or remove mattresses from vacant tents.
Please also note that no power will be supplied. You will need to bring your own silent generator with you. Talisman have branches throughout the country that hire out small silent generators.