Health And Safety

It is important that both team members stick together at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure that you stay with your team mate at all times. Should he/she be in trouble, you should contact the necessary backup and leave him/her only with the express permission of Farmer Glen. All the emergency numbers will be on your race band that you will receive at registration.

Foil survival blanket, three first aid dressings, five adhesive first aid plasters and sun block.

Riding sani2c can be very hot. We recommend the use of very high factor sun block and this should be re-applied during the day.

Temperatures of above 35 degrees Celsius could be experienced in the Umkomaas Valley. It is important to prepare for this and wear the appropriate clothing and protection. The rules state that you must carry a minimum of three litres of fluids with you. We recommend that you maintain this level by refilling at all the water tables along the route. One wrong turn in African bush and you could see yourself hallucinating with Mambas of the Umkomaas valley.

It can be very cold overnight and in the early mornings. Please pack warm, protective clothing for colder temperatures.

The Umkomaas Valley is home to the infamous Black Mamba. Please be aware of this and google these guys!

Bees are prolific amongst the gum plantations and farmers place beehives in the area. If you are allergic to bee stings, we recommend you carry your antihistamine with you on the ride.

Although you may experience mosquitoes, this area is NOT a malarial zone and mosquitoes are not prolific at this time of the year. We still recommend a mosquito repellent.

Mud could be experienced on stages so a set of riding glasses is recommended. Eye wash may also be found useful. Tyres suitable for mud and thorns are strongly advised.

It is strongly recommended that one does not drink the water from any of the rivers or streams which you will be crossing, as clean as they may seem. Clean drinking water will be provided in the race villages and at the water tables along the route. Look out for the Clover milk tankers carrying cold drinking water.

This will be nearly zero in this area at this time.

mySOS partners with sani2c. Please download this App when notified - it will greatly enhance our medical response and services. mySOS is available, free of charge, from the App Store and Google Play. Download and use it to save a life!

Evacuation plans will be in place to evacuate competitors from remote areas should this be necessary. A dedicated medical response helicopter is on standby for any emergency. The medical plan will be given to you before the start of the event. This will include instructions around using the mySOS app.

Many of the areas through which you will be riding are very remote and to evacuate you from some of these areas will pose a logistical challenge. We appeal to you to ride in a responsible manner particularly on Day 2 after the decent into the Umkomaas Valley. The single track follows the river through the bush for over 15km and there is no clearing for a helicopter. The only option at this point are stretcher bearers who would have hike over 15km to reach you and then up to 5km with you on a stretcher.

All competitors need to respect the fact that without the support of the various landowners and local communities, this event would not be possible. Please show your appreciation for this whenever possible.