If you dislike camping you do have the option to bring a camper van. Camper vans are only available for hire through private companies like Maui and Avis Safari Rental. We do not supply camper vans or drivers. You will need to arrange your own driver. In addition, your supporter/s (which includes your driver) will need to buy a camper van super second package.

A camper van super second package will include parking at Glencairn Farm, Mackenzie Club and Jolivet and access for one person (the driver) into the race village for meals and to use the facilities. The cost is R3600.

Additional supporters staying in the camper van MUST buy an additional camper van supporter package. This includes access to the race village and its facilities plus 3 meals a day. The cost is R2000 per additional supporter.

Camper vans will be allocated a space in each race village and need to be self- sufficient. Please also note that no power will be supplied. You will need to bring your own silent generator with you. Talisman have branches throughout the country that hire out small silent generators.

At registration please collect your disc and arm bands. The disk will be required to be displayed in your vehicles front window. Arm bands will be checked to gain access into the race villages.

Please note: An area and site will be allocated to your team. They will not be allowed to utilise your tent in the race village as we have found that they often go to bed late thereby disturbing sleeping riders in the tented area. They will also not be allowed to move or remove mattresses from vacant tents.

Please note: Personal mechanics and masseurs can only service your team. They cannot set up in the camper area and sell packages to other riders.

Bookings for your camper van/mobile homes etc can be done here for the 3 respective events: