Your Bicycle

It should go without saying that your bike should be in perfect working order at the start of sani2c – but we are saying it anyway for the sake of absolute clarity. It will be subjected to severe riding conditions and we recommend that you replace any old parts that may not survive the 268km. Select tyres that are suitable for harsh conditions. Substantial mud, seriously steep descents, jagged rocks and tough thorns may be encountered. The use of tubeless tyres is highly recommended. Check your slime levels and top up slime.

Get to know your bike intimately so that you can detect and remedy even the smallest fault before it becomes a major problem. Bring with you your own “perishables” like brake pads, slime, plugs, bombs, tubes, master links, lube etc. Various bike shops will provide repairs and servicing in the race villages. We anticipate a high demand for their services, so draw on them only when absolutely necessary. Replacement parts will be sold at normal retail prices.

Talisman will be washing your bike for you again. They do not give it a spit and polish. You are welcome to go and do this yourself during the afternoon. Your bike will be taken from you on the finish line. Please stop your GPS unit and remove it from your bike.

We offer the facility of a storage area or ‘Bike Park’ with 24 hour staffed security. Your bike will be stored here. Should you have taken a mechanic package ensure that your bike shop stores your bike in this area overnight. It must be stored here after you have had it washed and serviced. It is strongly advised to bring a bike cable and combination lock for additional security for your bike overnight. Despite our best efforts to safeguard your property, the race cannot be held responsible for any loss of bikes, components or accessories. Bike parks are not undercover so bikes will get wet in the event of rain. There is no bike park in Scottburgh. Please make you own arrangements in this regard.