The coaching team from Absolute Motion will help you prepare for your best possible KAP sani2c. The team has learned a great deal from their years of involvement with the event, including the fact that not all riders have the same expectations of what coaches can, cannot and should do for them. Absolute Motion’s objective is to provide you with exactly what you want and, as such, the team offers two sani2c Training Plans to choose from.

Generic Training Plan Personalised Training Plan
Cost Free of charge R1000 (once off)
Training Peaks Basic Yes Yes
Based on your available time per week Yes Yes
Based on your equipment (Smart Trainer / WattBike / etc.) Yes Yes
Include personalization for any other events you will be doing No Yes
FTP test planning and guidance No Yes
Monthly feedback No Yes
Continuous program adjustment to realign objectives No Yes
Coach on call No Yes

To register on one of their training plans, follow this link.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Absolute Motion on [email protected].

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