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The event will begin near Sani Pass, Underberg and travel through the districts of Bulwer, Donnybrook, Ixopo, Highflats, Jolivet, Bramaer and Park Rynie to Scottburgh. There will be no road closure. Cyclists and their crews will have to adhere to the rules of the road. Marshals will be present to warn traffic, but the responsibility lies with cyclists and drivers to look out for traffic, ride on the left-hand side of the road, stop at all stop signs and intersections.


Only teams are allowed (no solo entries), and a team must consist of 2, 3 or 4 riders + 1 support driver (so either 3, 4 or 5 people per team)


The sani2c nonstop starts at Glencairn Farm, Sani Pass Road, Underberg on Friday, 3 June 2022. All riders must compete with suitable bicycle headlights and flashing red rear lights. This applies to all team members. No lights, no start!

route marking

The event is GPS marked and will thus test the orientation skills of every rider. Support crews will receive their own sets of directions and instructions. This motivates teamwork and camaraderie, making it an unforgettable experience for all involved. Teams must check in and out at all checkpoints, which will be strategically placed on the route. This will ensure everyone’s whereabouts can be traced. The dark start will compel all riders to use lights for night-time riding, which will be a good test of character and endurance. Many teams will ride from dark-to-dark for a midnight cut-off on Scottburgh beach.

rider separation

Riders must always ride with all their team partners, remaining within the maximum allowable separation time of two minutes. Rider separation may be measured at the start and finish of each stage and at various designated checkpoints during the stages. They can also be measured and enforced at any point during the race. Rider separation may be measured more than once during any stage and penalties may be applied to each occurrence of rider separation outside the allowable limit.


The race cut-off is calculated from the first rider to pass the official starting point at Glencairn. If your team does not reach certain cut-off points within the allocated times, it will be the responsibility of the team’s support vehicle to pick up their team members and leapfrog them to the next official checkpoint. When checking in at the next marshalled checkpoint, the team may be allowed to continue but only after justification and strict permission by the race director. Should the team be unable to convince the race director that they be allowed to continue, their driver will be enlisted to pick up the retired team and transport them to the finish or home. Any team that does not complete the entire route with a full team or does not ride the full route will be deemed unofficial finishers.

qualifying bicycles

While mountain bicycles are recommended, any category of bike is permitted at the sani2c nonstop and all self-propelled bikes will qualify for the overall prize giving or a place on podium. However, no aero bars will be permitted. Teams are allowed to exchange bikes on route. For example, from mountain bike to gravel bike to road bike, for different sections.


All riders must wear an approved cycling helmet, which is always fastened.


Ebikers are welcome at the sani2c nonstop. We are committed to making every effort to ensure harmony between classic bikers and ebikers. With some education, common sense and understanding from both sides, we feel that this is possible and will increase the likelihood of family members joining rides and the mountain biking fraternity. To this end, we encourage the following etiquette:

  • No drafting of a normal bike behind an ebike is permitted.
  • Ebikers must understand and respect that classic bike riders are under pressure at times. Incessant chirping—however jocular—from ebikers when others are struggling can result in unnecessary hostility.
  • We encourage ebikers to match their efforts to those of normal bikers around them. Doing this will earn respect from everyone in the group. Riding on Turbo mode and swapping out batteries every 40 kilometres will not win you brownie points or beers at the finish.
  • Ebikers need to keep their position in a group and not constantly move to the front of the group on the climbs, only to be caught on the descents. If ebikers find themselves being caught on descents, they need to stay at the back of the group or stay away on the descents. Not respecting this will result in conflict sooner or later.
  • The most admirable ebikers are the ones who nobody notices in a group. Somehow, they manage to ride harmoniously among normal bikers without drawing attention to themselves. If every ebike rider aspired to this, there would be no animosity between classic bikers and ebikers.
  • Bells on ebikes should only be used to stir cattle and horses from the trail. They should never be used to alert classic riders to the fact that ebikers are in Turbo mode and want to pass.
  • Teams fully comprising ebikers or including ebikers will not qualify for the overall prize or a place on the podium. Separate results will be allocated for the ebike category.

ebike categories

  1. Ebike Pure: The Ebike Pure category is for those teams comprising all ebikers. The number of batteries required will be monitored and restricted.
  2. Ebike Mix: A team can also be a mix of normal and ebike riders. These teams can qualify as sani2c nonstop finishers but will be categorized as an Ebike Mix team and allocated a finishing time and position in the Ebike mix on the results sheets.


The sani2c organization will supply a full medical facility at each official checkpoint. Should a rider become sick or injured on route, it is the responsibility of the support crew to take care and transport him to our medical facility at each official checkpoint. All riders and support crew need to have full medical cover, which will be used if necessary.

finish and prize-giving

The race will finish on Scottburgh Beach in front of the Cutty Sark Hotel with prize-giving taking place at 9 am on Sunday, 5 June 2022 at Cutty Sark Hotel.


  • Refunds for the 2022 event will only be possible until the 28th of February. You will receive your entry fee minus a 10% admin fee.
  • Any cancellations of teams after this date will require riders of the existing team to be substituted out as we will not be able to get a completely new team to take your entry in the event at this late stage.
  • Under no circumstances will entry fees be carried over to the next year.

substitutions and seeding

Rider substitutions will be allowed until 14 days before the start date. (Please note that the new rider will receive the apparel order from previous rider if the substitution was done after the apparel date.) Seeding will be done on fully paid entries 30 days prior to the race start, any new rider substitutions after this date will have to start in the previous participants seeded batch. Any rider changes will carry an administrative fee of R400.

race clothing

The deadline for complimentary apparel and online purchases will be 90 days before the start date. We cannot place extra orders after this date, which means you will not receive any complimentary apparel. No exceptions to this can be made.

doping offences

Any athlete under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority after 1 January 2016 will be banned for life from competing in sani2c nonstop. The organizers also reserve the right to refuse any athlete (professional or amateur), which was under sanction from their federation or national anti-doping authority before 1 January 2016, to compete in sani2c nonstop.


There will be unofficial and official checkpoints.

unofficial checkpoints

Most of the checkpoints will be unofficial and have no facilities or lights. These are the points on the route at which we recommend that your full team meets up. You will need to take photographs of your entire team at each of these points. Some checkpoints are located on private property. Please respect this. Make sure you park your vehicles carefully, out of the way and without disrupting activities or damaging properties.

official checkpoints

There are five official checkpoints for all official supporters and riders. These have toilet facilities. Coffee, tea and light snacks will be on sale. Again, many are located on private property. Please respect this and park in allocated areas.

Remember, you will not be allowed to enter official checkpoints without your official support sticker, which you received at race registration.

On your arrival at the official checkpoints, please find your entire team, including support crew and report together to the checkpoint marshal. Drivers should confirm marshals have acknowledged team numbers and that they provide each team with the relevant sticker. Supporters will only be allowed to leave official checkpoints once their team has departed.

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