sani2c nonstop FAQ

will the route go down into the Umko Valley?

Yes, all riders are going down into the Umko Valley. They will be climbing out of the valley before they cross the Umkomaas River. Seconders will more than likely stay on the R56 and wait for them there. They will then escort them down the R56 for 2.5km before travelling with them all the way along the Nhlaveni dirt road towards Highflats.

won’t it be too dark to go down during the night?

With the lights available nowadays darkness is never a problem, unless you run out of battery. Dropping into the Umkomaas at night will be quite a different experience for the riders. This is what we want. Something new and different.

if someone does not have a 4x4 vehicle to second riders and only has a 2x4 would that be okay or will it be a problem?

A 2x4 vehicle will not be a problem as seconders stay on hardened roads at all times.

A friend has asked me to 2nd him but I don’t have a 4x4. How bad are the roads for support cars and how easy the route to follow is? Is it easy enough to 2nd by myself?

The route should be very easy for most people to follow. There will be a detailed route description and route directions. We feel that it will be a good idea to have someone in the seconding vehicle with the driver as it is a long way with lots of seconding to do and directions to follow.

Would you consider a solo entry without support for the Nonstop? Several RASA / Freedom challenge riders I’ve chatted to would find this an interesting option.

For safety reasons we are initially insisting on a team format. Recognition of all those that support us in our somewhat selfish sport is also a big part of the sani2c nonstop.

Must all team members complete the 250km or is it tag team?

All members of the team need to complete the 250km to qualify as official finishers. Ebikes are welcome where there are categories for Ebike mixed and Ebike pure teams.

Would the sani2c nonstop be gravel bike friendly or would it be on the normal 3 day routes?

It would be possible to complete the route on Gravel bikes although mountain bikes are the recommended bike of choice. Teams are allowed to swap out bikes along the route, i.e. road, gravel or mountain.

Will there be any markers for the sani2c nonstop event, or do the riders have to navigate their own way? Especially if there are a few roads at a road intersection.

Navigation will be by means of GPS only. There will be no other markers.

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