Monthly Payment Plan

A payment plan allows you to pay for your sani2c entry in automatic monthly payments. You can choose over how many months you want to pay, with the last possible month of payment being March 2020. You can also select the day of the month on which the payments should be deducted.

The payment plan covers the full entry fee and only one card can be added per plan. The rider who’s card is used for the payment plan will need to ask his riding partner to pay him his portion of the entry fee.

To pay for your sani2c entry in automatic monthly payments, follow the steps below:

  • If you haven't entered for the 2020 KAP sani2c yet, head over to the entry procedure.
  • Once entered, go to your Entry Ninja registration page.
  • Click "detail" for your sani2c entry - this will load an overview of your entry.
  • Click "Pay complete registration".
  • Select the "Monthly Payment Plan" option and click "Pay now".
  • Use the + and - buttons to adjust the number of months you would like to pay over, and the day of the month the payments should be deducted.
  • Click "Sign Up for this Plan", enter your credit/debit card details and click "Sign Up Now".
  • A R1 transaction will be charged to your card, and reversed immediately. If this is successful, the first payment will be deducted from your card the following day. The remainder of the payments will be deducted monthly, as set up in the previous step.

*sani2c refund policy applies to the payment plan