KAPsani2c 2020



Christmas Message from Farmer Glen

Festive Christmas greetings to you all,

It is no secret that at this time our country faces many dark, candle lit challenges. sani2c is not immune to this and we too see all the signs of challenging times ahead. It is during these darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Even with all the positivity after a truly successful 2019 KAPsani2c event the entries for 2020 do not reflect this and are at an all-time slow. Overcoming adversity inspires all of us in sani country to innovate and do even more to attract riders to the sheer beauty of our beloved event and remind us of just how lucky we are to be alive and have a product which enables us to continue doing what we do.

Often it is in times like this, when the pressure is on, that life hits all of us with one thing after another. Increased work demands, budget constraints, unforeseen expenses. When this happens, many become overwhelmed and are most at risk of quitting on their dreams and goals. It happens to the best of us but to keep positive we must know that it is temporary. You should allow yourself a break every now and then, you need to recharge in order for a fresh start, but never allow that break to last for too long and turn you into a quitter.

Quitting won’t make our challenges go away. The only way to truly handle our challenges is by facing them head on – and that requires a powerful, pure burning motivation to take action despite these setbacks. sani2c aims to inspire all and to remind us that “you got this”. It is amazing how a good ride or short run can give us such an energy boost whenever we feel like things are just becoming too much.

sani2c is about making everyone believe in themselves and our country. Everyone includes you the rider, and our communities, and for some in our sani2c communities, their only income is derived from grooming our trails down the Umkomaas drop. For them to see the appreciation on your faces means the world and it is this that drives them year on year. It gives them faith in their abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in our own powers no one can be successful or happy. I remain astounded by the ability of South Africans and in particular those involved with sani2c. They have passionately produced an iconic event that most would have never believed possible some 20 years ago. Who would have thought that the sani community would have arguably inspired and led South Africa into becoming the bar setters in mountain biking stage races around the world.

One of our goals through sani2c has and always will be to inspire as many people as we can. These people may include mountain bikers, other events, and local people working on the route, or perhaps the farmer’s wives and families who have prepared over 480 000 meals for sani2c over the last 15 years. KAPsani2c is also about giving everyone that passion to succeed. Without passion, you have no energy. Without energy you have nothing.

Yes, sani2c is just a mountain bike race but more than that it has achieved so much. It has motivated and inspired sponsors, partners, riders, and workers. We have seen the positive benefits this has, not not only our participants but more so our communities. It is a fact that sani2c has changed individuals and families for the better. Few know of the true impact this event has had on the many South Africans and others who have been privileged to have been touched by the sani2c spirit.

sani2c is not just about mountain bikers having a great 3 days riding from Sani Pass to Scottburgh but it is more about motivating everyone involved to lead a positive, passionate and energy filled life style and thereby being great role models for all those close to them year round.

My hope this festive season is that I can convince you to never quit and give up on all those special things like sani2c which have made you passionate and given you that energy you need to face all your day to day issues. My hope is that your sani passion and energy is seen by all those around you and that through you, we can touch not only those working at sani2c, but a large cross section of people making them believe in themselves and be positively and proudly South African.

My wishes accompany my thanks to every landowner, partner/sponsor, input supplier, service provider, staff and helper for their support over the years.

Special thanks must go to my wife Mandy and my family who have not only supported my wild dreams but have become passionately involved. They have all had an increasingly supportive role to play in sani and their energy has allowed me time to farm and milk my cows far away from emails and cell phones.

My plea to you at this time is:

  • To take a break and recharge with your loved ones and families and appreciate every moment together; after a hard year you all need to build on that special bond.
  • Never quit on your dreams and goals. Persuade friends and family to enter KAPsani2c and thereby plan a passionate and energy filled 2020. Remember that your health is your wealth and sani2c can be your key to this.

My promise to you through sani2c.

  • We will motivate you to lead a healthy and more balanced lifestyle.
  • We will scare you to get out of bed and train and thereby become role models for your friends, families and work colleagues.
  • We will assure that you leave sani2c an energetic, passionate, proudly South African with all those warm and fuzzy feelings about having made a real difference to the many less fortunate than ourselves.

My wish for each of you is that you have blessed Christmas and a joyful 2020.

Special regards,

Farmer Glen and the sani2c team