KAPsani2c 2020



6 months to go!

“Inspirational” Message from Farmer Glen

Although 6 months seems along way out and you feel that you have plenty of time to prepare, I know how it works… So let’s all turn a new leaf in 2020 and make a pact to stop living chaotic lives with last minute panic. Let’s rather calm down and focus on things which are more important for us and our loved ones.

We all know that our “health is our wealth.” Without it we have nothing. So improving our health should be a top priority.

One of KAPsani2c’s long standing aims has been to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life. We have achieved this by encouraging (and scaring) participants to get off the couch and spend more time exercising. Doing this, has us watching our diet more closely, losing weight, gaining confidence, releasing those happy hormones, reducing daily stress, having a better sleep pattern and spending more time exercising with friends and family. It all sounds too easy…and it can be!

Every successful achievement starts with a great sustainable plan. To implement our plan, we need to be inspired and passionate. This will enable us to work hard at it every day and see those small improvements which motivate us to achieve all our dreams.

We at sani2c will continue to be innovative in ways of inspiring and motivating all participants. Our positive outlook toward ebikes and the inclusion of the younger generation into sani2c are just two of our latest plans.

Spending more time on our health does not mean that we need to do less of the other good stuff out there. In fact, the more I exercise the fitter I am to “burn the candle at both ends”. We need to cut out all our time-wasting habits. I, for one will watch less TV, I will spend less time on my phone. I will spend more time planning my day, more time delegating and empowering those around me. Getting this right will result in more than enough time to spend exercising.

We can all make valid excuses every day for not going out for a ride. Too much work… need to help the kids… Need another rest day... etc. etc. These excuses don’t happen if you're motivated. In order for me to be motivated to get out and train every day I need to set some challenges. The more they scare me the better!

Day 2 of KAP sani2c should scare you! If it doesn’t, it should. Iconic lies waiting after the body blows of Steve’s Spruit. So, don’t delay, get your plan together today, start that training, shed that unwanted baggage, get stronger and eat Iconic like a mielie in 2020!

You all know how time flies, who would have thought that we are only a month away from Christmas.

Happy de-stressing out there on the trails.

Farmer Glen

Now for the serious stuff!

  1. 2020 Training Program
  2. Glencairn Skills Weekend
  3. Supporters Packages!
  4. Additional Bookings
  5. Southern Lodestar Breakfast Program

2020 Training Program

If Farmer Glen’s motivational message does not kick you into gear then our training program managed by Absolute Motion should! This will start in January 2020. More information can be found here. You will be emailed closer to the time with all the info.

Glencairn Skills Weekend

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we will be having a KAPsani2c training weekend at Glencairn on the 22nd & 23rd February 2020. Space is limited. Booking information will be sent separately. Please note that this weekend is only open to entered KAPsani2c 2020 riders.

It will include skills training, floating bridge riding and a good training day up Sani Pass. All food and accommodation is included. Accommodation will be in the rooms at Glencairn so no need to bring bedding – you will be in a comfortable Restonic bed! Diarize these dates if you want to join. You can invite your mates, just get them to enter KAPsani2c first ;) We keen to share our love for bikes and the beauty of the surrounding area with as many people as we can.

Supporters Packages

Finally, we are offering supporter packages! These are limited to 50 supporters per event so if you want to bring your better half along to make sure you are well cared for. Click here to find out more. We have options for those wanting to stay in the tents like the riders, stay in B&Bs outside or stay in a campervan.

Additional Bookings

sani2c Community Story – Southern Lodestar Breakfast Program

In sani2c country we have been working with Southern Lodestar Foundation, feeding school children along the route daily. Currently we are feeding just under 2000 children at 13 different schools. We aim to grow this next year and have every rural school that is involved in the event on their breakfast program. Tamika went with Amy from Southern Lodestar Foundation to visit the schools and received such positive feedback. Here is a little video from a child at Qoyintaba Primary School, the school whose parents put up the tents and help with catering at Mackenzie Club Race Village.

Feel free to contact the race offices ([email protected]) with any queries.

Happy riding from the KAPsani2c team