20 days to go!

Dear 2019 KAP sani2c riders

I hope you find yourselves well rested with no webbed feet and in a better place than me at the moment! While test riding day 3 my pedal caught a rock lurking under long grass on the edge of the trail. (…and I always thought it was only Mamba’s you needed to look out for in the long grass) Before I could say….. “My VOK Maralieze!” I had done a double backflip with 2 nearside pirouettes. The scene that this pedal catcher caused on the route was not dissimilar to “throwing a cat amongst the pigeons” or perhaps “a gang of disgruntled, red overall clad politicians in parliament”. All hell breaks loose when this happens!!

The result was a stuffed helmet and fractured collar bone. Luckily it was not a bad break and thankfully it did not require an operation so I am making a speedy recovery.

The sani2c route teams have all been issued with snorkels, flippers and goggles and debriefed about lurking pedal catchers … and you thought we over prepared the route? You have seen nothing yet! I now have better understanding and sympathy for the unfortunate peddle striking cyclists. It is definitely the fastest I have been brought back down to earth!

Keep your pedals above the rocks, and good luck with the final weeks of training.

Farmer Glen

Farmer Glen and the sani2c team

2019 Routes

Check out the updated route here. New sections include Great Oke and Woodie’s Burn!

New finish - Scottburgh Golf Club

Last year we finished at the Scottburgh Primary School – this year we will be finishing about 100m down the road at the Scottburgh Golf Club. It is a great venue with awesome sea views! You will have a chance to relax on the banks of the golf course as you watch dolphins play in the waves while you reflect on what you have accomplished.

The evening after party, for those staying in Scottburgh, will be at the same venue – so you can go to your hotel/ guest house to freshen up before joining us for a drink or two.

Are you riding an e-bike?

KAP sani2c has always welcomed e-bikes for all the right reasons. In fact sani2c had its first e-bike way back in 2012 and we have never experienced any negative issues during the event.

Unfortunately there may be a few “chops” who give e-bikes a bad name. We will continue to accommodate e-bikes and we will assure that those who ride them respect why we welcome them into sani2c.

God willing I will spoil myself with a state of the art e-bike when I turn 70 so that I can continue riding my favourite trails with my kids and their friends. I promise not to half wheel them on the climbs only to hold them up on the descents!

sani2c is definitely e-bike friendly but for all the right reasons. We won’t tolerate the e-bike “chops” however. If you plan riding an e-bike please email our office so we can make note of this.

Restonic Luxury Tents

Not keen to camp in our spacious 4-man tents? Restonic have one lucky team covered. Click this link and stand a chance to win a night’s stay in the Restionic Luxury Tent.

Glamping at Glencairn

There are 10 single glamping tents available at Glencairn for those of you wanting an extra good pre-nights rest on a proper Restonic bed. To book, email Bianca.

GPS Routes

All GPS routes will be emailed to you on the 7th May 2019.

sani2c uses full GPS navigation. GPS navigation has been tried and tested in joBerg2c and sani2c over the last 5 years. It has proved to be the way forward from an environmental and sense of adventure point of view and it is very simple too! Should you have any questions our guru’s from EasyBike can assist. They will be able to answer questions leading up to the event, at registration and during the event. If you have any questions, you can also email them directly on sales@easybike.co.za. They are also retail experts on GPS’s and will be able to help you pick the right GPS you are looking for. You can see their full product offering here: www.easybike.co.za

Theme Song Suggestions

When our theme song plays post sani2c our aim is that many happy sani memories come flashing back. Send your suggestion to tamika@sani2c.co.za. If we choose your song you can stand a chance to win an awesome EVOC bike bag.


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