Happy 2018 from everyone at Absolute Motion!!
We trust that 2018 will treat you well and that you will have the fortune to achieve all your goals. Sani2c 2018 is one of those goals you set yourself a couple of months ago and we hope that you are still 100% committed to this iconic event. As we mentioned in our previous email, the team at Absolute Motion is ready to journey with you for the next 18 weeks and to do what we can to assist you with your preparation for Sani2c 2018.

When you completed the questionnaire to register for the coaching plan, we asked you a couple of questions that put you into one of 3 broad categories based on amount of time you have available to train per week. Based on this we have built your training plan.
With this newsletter, we want to share with you the strategy to get you to Sani2c as best prepared as you can be whilst taking into consideration your time limitations.
Your Sani2C training Plan:
RPE = Rate of Perceived Exertion

You will see that the description with your program for each day use an intensity measurement we call RPE. RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion and will tell you how hard you must ride where 10/10 is absolutely all out and 4/10 is a moderate pace where you can still easily hold a conversation. Although we tell you how hard you must ride using RPE, you will download your heart rate data to Training Peaks and we will use your actual data to monitor your fatigue and training stress.
A guideline for RPE will be something like the table below:

The first 8 weeks of your training plan is to build a strong endurance base.  For weeks 1 - 4, your plan will consist of:

Endurance Rides:      

These rides score 4/10 on the RPE scale. 

One of the primary purposes of endurance training is to boost your body’s ability to use stored body fat for fuel instead of glycogen.  Your body’s supply of glycogen, its storage form of carbohydrate, is extremely limited compared with its supply of fat.  Even the skinniest endurance athlete has enough energy stored in the body as fat to exercise continuously for days.  But that same athlete has only enough glycogen to exercise vigorously for about 2 hours.  So, one of the purposes of endurance training is to increase your body’s reliance on stored fat while sparing glycogen.

At below 5/10 RPE, the intensity for endurance development, fat becomes the dominant fuel.  So that is the intensity you need to use for this workout. Many athletes feel that this is too easy, and so they increase the intensity to something approaching or even exceeding 7/10 RPE.  That defeats the workout’s purpose and is not as effective at improving your fat burning.

Get Faster (Anaerobic intervals)

These intervals are short (20 – 40 seconds) and must be done at maximum intensity (10/10 RPE) followed by rest periods.

“Ultimately, your ‘base’ comes down to your mitochondrial capacity,” says exercise physiologist Paul Laursen, PhD, of the training service lab PlewsandProf.com. Research shows that while longer, lower-intensity exercise increases the number of mitochondria in your cells, high-intensity training makes those mitochondria more powerful. Plus, when you do a set (or especially multiple sets) of 
high-intensity intervals, your heart rate stays elevated during your “recovery” periods, which benefits your aerobic energy systems – especially as the session progresses.  However you slice it, interval training undoubtedly improves endurance, even if you’re already pretty fit.  Research has further found that when well-trained cyclists performed two interval sessions a week for three to six weeks, their VO2 max, peak aerobic-power output and endurance performance improved by 2 to 4%,” he says.  To that end, the best recipe for building endurance is blending the distribution of your training so about 80% of your rides are in those aerobic “RPE 4 zone” intensities and about 20% are performed at high intensities.
Walking at a brisk to fast pace

We are often questioned why we include walking into our programs.  Over the last number of years, we have experimented with adding walking to our programs and has found that walking must surely be one of the most underrated activities one can do.
The benefits of walking include:
  • Walking is a weight-bearing exercise. This means that when you ride, the bicycle is the machine moving and doing some of the work for you.  When you walk, your body is the only thing working.  Generally, weight-bearing exercises burn more calories per session than non-weight bearing activities.  Walking allows us to optimise the time at your disposal.  It also has many other benefits, including;
    • Reducing Stress
    • Improves your mood
    • Strengthens Muscles and Bones
    • Improves your balance
Training Peaks

If you have not registered on our Training Peaks platform yet, please do so now by following this link 


Training Peaks is one of the biggest endurance sport training platforms in the world and will allow us to communicate your training program with you, as well as for you to log the work you have done. Once you have registered on the Training Peaks platform, we also want to encourage you to download the free Training Peaks App on your phone and mobile device. This way you can see what is planned for you days in advance. 
When you register on Training Peaks it defaults you to the premium version of the training platform and then in a couple of days it will warn you that it will go to the basic version if you don’t upgrade. Please ignore this instruction. The Basic Version of Training Peaks has all the functionality we require to assist you.

If you are making use of a training device / GPS, like Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, etc. Please link this device to your Training Peaks account so that all your training information is pulled through to Training Peaks. This will assist your coach to better understand your fitness. If you are uncertain on how to do this read this helpful blog.
Wahoo Fitness

If you do not have a quality heart rate monitor / GPS device, the good people at Wahoo wants to add to your Sani2c 2018 experience and offers all 2018 Sani2c participants 20% of on their Wahoo Elment devices. All you have to do is head over to 
www.wahoofitness.co.za choose your device (this offer excludes the Wahoo Kickr) and when you proceed to payment, use this discount code S2CWAHOO.  Shipping is also free of charge.

By the time you receive this newsletter your training plan would have been loaded onto your Training Peaks program.

From Monday 8 January you would need to follow this training plan as closely as possible and then link your heart rate monitor to Training Peaks to upload your training data at least once per week so that your coach can monitor your fatigue and training stress.

If you have not done so yet, please send us the information of any other event you are considering doing between 8 January and the start of your Sani2C race.

You can send this information to your coach who is: 

He/she will include this information into your training plan to make it even more relevant.

Any other training related queries can be send to Johann – 

Enjoy the journey … we will speak to you again soon.
The Absolute Motion Coaching Team.
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