MAY 2018, EDITION 12


Goodness gracious.
It’s your last weekend before you head to the Land of Milk and Mountain Biking!

Final Reminders

Here are a few final reminders before you set sail for the trail :

  1. Pack warm clothes. Winter is coming in thick and fast. Here is the packing list.
  2. Still looking for accommodation around Mackenzie area if you're not a camper?
    Try Sandy (0836557578) or Dana (0823714605), they can assist with a warm bed.
  3. Spectator maps will be available at registration. Spectators will also be able to use Google Maps by following the simple steps on our website.
  4. The finish is at SCOTTBURGH PRIMARY SCHOOL, not the beach. Please tell your supporters that they can find parking on the road outside the school.
  5. It is then time to get social with our platforms. We will be releasing daily edits at 17h00 every evening via Facebook and our website. Be sure to tell your friends and family to tune in to see what happened on the trails. Live feeds will also be on Facebook and Instagram. Our Twitter “Birds” will also be tweeting all day.
  6. Hope you have loaded your GPS with the route files we sent in the last newsletter? If you require some additional help you can proceed to the EasyBike website for instructions and assistance, if you choose to upload yourself. Click Here. Otherwise contact EasyBike and they will be more than happy to assist you. [email protected]

Safe travels and see you at Glencairn!