MAY 2018, EDITION 11


Your final information. It’s time to ride!
It is too late to train now so if you haven’t done the training the only thing you can do is mentally prepare yourself and toughen up!



Every so often I realise again how fortunate I am to be doing what I love, farming and being actively involved with mountain biking.
KAP sani2c has world renowned trails and some of the most breath taking riding to be found.
Few will ever know of the true impact this event has had on the many South Africans and others who have been privileged to have...


Download the Ride Guide

Mountain Bike Magazine have prepared an awesome Ride Guide for you inside their Mag.

Click here to have a read.

Our KAP sani2c Ride Guide is from page 136 - 161.

Please make sure you view it in full screen for max enjoyment and use the tabs on the left to navigate to the pages. You will receive a hard copy in your race box however it is a good idea to go through it before hand as a lot of pre-ride info is included which will get you well prepared for your ride to the sea.

GPS Route

sani2c GPS files

Your KAP Sani2c GPS files were proudly prepared by EasyBike our GPS Guru’s.
We are now in our 5th year of using GPS navigation to navigate our unmarked route. It seems daunting to some but once the routes are on your unit, all you have to do is ride and follow the bread crumb trail.

NB: Three things to remember:

  1. Visit the sani2c website here for GPS FAQs and more
  2. We ride through private land with special permission for this event only, so please do not share these routes, as anyone found on our route will be shot dead and even worse banned from all the other lekker events.
  3. No supporters are allowed on the route except for at designated supporter spots. Please make sure your supporters do not go on the route with their vehicles to avoid embarrassment.

Okay so now for the fun part! Upload your routes.

There are two ways to load our route onto your GPS:

  1. EasyBike GPS Program (Windows users only – easiest and fastest):
    • EasyBike’s GPS program will either assist you to download our GPS route files onto your GPS or direct you to EasyBike’s website for assistance and instructions on how to download them
    • Click here to download the EasyBike GPS Program to your computer and follow the simple on screen instructions
    • Once the download is complete, install and run the program.  
  2. Direct Download (all other users)
    • If you want to download the files and you don’t need any assistance, please click on one of the following links to download the GPS files:
    • Ensure you have the correct file format (GPX, FIT or TCX) for your GPS unit. If you download the wrong files you might not get all the added features that are available for your unit (e.g. Water Points, Virtual Partner etc.) and it may not work
    • The EasyBike instructions website contains detailed instructions if you find you need them.

Need to buy a GPS with files uploaded or looking for an Upgrade?

If you don’t have a GPS yet or want to upgrade, EasyBike have some awesome sani2c Specials lined up for all riders, offers available on Polar, Suunto, Garmin, Sigma, and Wahoo GPS units. Buy now from EasyBike and collect at registration, pre-loaded and ready to use! Email [email protected] and quote “sani2c” when placing any orders.

Easy BIKE have the following Preloaded GPS Specials for riders (email them on the above address):

  • Polar V650 HR – R4199
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR All Black – R6599 (Black, Sakura or Blue)
  • Garmin Edge 520 – R4399
  • Garmin Edge 520 Bundle – R5299
  • Garmin Edge 820 Bundle – R6399
  • Garmin Edge 1030 Bundle – R9499
  • Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire - Black with Black Band – R9299
  • Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire - Slate Grey with Black Band – R10399

EasyBike at Registration and in the race villages

Our EasyBike GPS gurus will be at Registration (and during the race) to assist you, if you have had some challenges when trying to download our GPS route files at home or have a problem with your GPS. Please, however, try to download the GPS route files at home before arriving at Registration. They will also have limited stock of GPS units, as well as spares & accessories at their New Mobile Technical Support Trailer.

Still need assistance?

If you have a different brand of GPS unit, or are unsure if it is supported or require any further help, please contact EasyBike for assistance - [email protected].

Are you a Buffalo?

If you and your team mate weigh over 90kgs each, don’t forget to register on the day of registration as a buffalo.

We will be running through a cattle pen and over a scale on the beach at Scottburgh where all skinny buffalo’s will be culled from the podium.

packing list

It can get rather chilly in the evenings and rather warm during the day. Pack wisely.
Find your packing list here.


These are now closed online and you will need to go see Judy and Sandra at registration should you have late substitutions.
Please do not ride under someone else’s name. You are transgressing a number of rules but more importantly we need all your correct details should you have an accident and need us to help you fast and safely.
A fee of R500 will need to be paid per late substitution.
Please ensure you have your medical aid details, blood group and emergency contact person’s details with you in order to do a substitution.


Pre-bookings have closed however there will be a few spots available for on the day bookings.

Glencairn registration venue

Registration starts at 11am
Race Briefing is at 4pm
Directions can be found here

Underberg School will be serving lunch to all riders on the day of registration.
Faithways School supported by Food Lovers Market will feeding you on the morning of your start in “The Shed” at Glencairn.
You are then welcome to lounge about in the Restonic Chill Zone or outside on the PG Bison bench sets and eat away to your heart’s content (just not too much as remember ICONIC CLIMB is awaiting you on your trek to Jolivet!)

sani2c shop

sani2c Shop at Glencairn registration venue

Besides all the great clothing you will be given at registration we will be selling an awesome range of new clothing as well as previous years clothing in “The Shed” at Glencairn.
NB payment only via cash, zapper or EFT. You can draw money in Himeville and Underberg just up the road.

Old clothing, blankets, & animal drive

Time to do a clean out…

As you may know we support a number of community projects. Many of these have stemmed from suggestions from riders. This is not a hard sell but an appeal. The fact you riding means that you are already helping support all the communities through which you are passing.

We all have old jerseys, jackets and items of warm clothing cluttering our cupboards. Bring any of these unwanted items of adult or children’s clothing with to registration in Underberg and we will arrange to have it distributed along the race route after the event. This is one small way we are able to convey our thanks to the many people along the route who together allow us to have so much fun. You would be amazed how appreciative they are for these items of clothing we no longer need.

All our animal lovers will be pleased to know that sani2c supports the Rural Animal Welfare sterilisation and vaccination program. We will continue supporting this initiative started by the late Sally Hayter and Glynis Shewan. Any items of pet food, dog collars, blankets or medication that will help improve the lives of rural dogs along the route will be greatly appreciated by this organization. Should you be a vet or just an animal lover who wishes to get involved contact Rural Animal Welfare on: [email protected]

Tips for each stage

For those of you who are getting nervous here some tips to help settle the nerves.

Day One. Glencairn to Mackenzie.

  • Get into the right group off the start line. Don’t get caught up in the wrong group and head out there like a mad man.
  • You don’t need to race to the first single track. It has a number of dual tracks with many overtaking opportunities.
  • The first water table is at 42km making sure you have enough fluid to get there.
  • Look after your partner and be honest. Let each other know how you both feeling. You as fast as the weakest rider and Day 2 is a big day so don’t kill each other on Day 1.

Day Two. Mackenzie to Jolivet.

  • Drop the image and fit a peak to your helmet. The rising sun is a blinding issue. Ride within yourself down the Umkomaas. The Umko drop is a high accident zone so just take it safe.
  • Fill up properly at the first water point at the 39km mark. It is a long, slow and hot climb out. USN will have a surprise refuel station which will be a sight for tired eyes somewhere before Iconic.
  • It is then up to you. Do you want to be a beast and conquer Iconic or take the “road less travelled” and climb the slightly longer but more gradual “Hlegabafasi”? Read the press release here explaining your options.
  • After the Halfway Stop you would have broken the back of the day but you still have the climbs of Songololo Haaibo1 and Haaibo2 before Highflats Church.
  • Once in the Sappi plantations find a good group to help you back to the finish.  One can often encounter a head wind on this section. Save a bit for this.
  • For safety reasons the timing for Day 2 stops 3km before the end at an amazing school called King Harvest Academy. You will be welcomed by smiling and dancing children.
  • The Unitrans Mile will be a neutral zone. We want you all to arrive safely in Jolivet so the last 3 km can be taken super easy and used as a warm down. Remember day 3 awaits and its fast. 

Day Three. Jolivet to Scottburgh.

  • This is a fast flowing start. Work hard to get into the right group.
  • Save energy for Clint’s climb and work hard to stay in your group as they will drag you along after you have crested.
  • The first table of the day comes early at 22km.
  • Don’t race wildly through Vernon Crookes nature reserve. This is a high accident zone areas.  Watch out for hidden ruts in the jeep track. Don’t cross the middle mannitjie and remember the sharp left turn. Obey all signage.
  • Save a bit for the last 25km running east as you need to be strong to stay with the group. This last stretch can be energy sapping especially if the beastly eastly is blowing. Remember there is nothing better than finishing your 3 days strong. We need wide smiles on the finish line!
  • Oh and watch that bridge! No one is exempt. Even the pros have taken a swim!
  • We will then see you at the new finish! Scottburgh Primary School.

sani2c unofficial after party

Join us each evening to celebrate and squeak some "tekkie" at the Beach Bar, 131 Marine Terrace.

Dear sani2c riders

Dear 2018 riders,

Every so often I realise again how fortunate I am to be doing what I love, farming and being actively involved with mountain biking.

Whilst we host you next week, take the time to look and speak to some of the people behind the scenes. It would not be possible to produce an event such as this without the dedication and commitment from so many. The eager sani2c community of farmers, local villagers, and their families and friends who not only give us access to their land and time, but also demonstrate a special kind of hospitality and old-world charm seldom experienced these days. They are the ones who have worked so hard over the years, they will be the ones who will feed and water you along the way. They will encourage you with country-folk humour and make you laugh, regardless of how much you may be hurting. They are among the many passionate people you will meet during KAP sani2c 2018.

KAP sani2c has world renowned trails and some of the most breath taking riding to be found. That’s what has helped make it a success for everyone involved but sani2c is way more than just a mountain bike event. Over the years it has motivated, benefitted and inspired so many people. KAP sani2c will be paying out over 10 million rand to these hard working communities for the 2018 event. Now into our 14th year and with the “honeymoon” period long over I continue to see the passion in all these communities supplying services for our event. Although this valued cash injection is vital for these essential rural organizations I feel that the positive spirit generated by sani2c maybe more important. So please show your appreciation to all those working so hard behind the scenes, even if it is just a grimacing smile as you climb “Iconic”. Seeing your appreciation is what we feed off and it is that which inspires us to do more every year.

Few will ever know of the true impact this event has had on the many South Africans and others who have been privileged to have been touched by “sani gees”. The influence this event has had on all those involved is more than anyone would ever know.

To all of you who are so supportive and positive in all that we do. What can I say but, THANK YOU. Thank you, one and all, for your passion, dedication and commitment to a proudly South African event.

Travel safe and we all look forward to welcoming you at Glencairn for the ride of your life.

Kind regards.
Farmer Glen