It’s time trail mode here in sani country!
Our route builders are in full force along the 300kms of track from Sani Pass to the sea.
They are hard at work to ensure you enjoy your 3 days with us.
We hope you too are in time trail mode and keeping those peddles turning!
Less than one month to go.



Sani season is rolling in quickly and the cosmos is always a sign that we need to ramp things up.
With 5 weeks to go before the start of KAP sani2c 2018 we move into the red zone.
Along with a number of exciting changes on the route here is just another new sani innovation to help improve your 3 days on your bike...


2018 ROUTE

Information about the 2018 route is here

Time to start planning your effort, when to race, when to cruise and what to expect around the bend



Important race information is provided, please go over it and familiarise yourself with the information

  • Registration
  • Race Briefings
  • Accommodation
  • Black Boxes
  • Drop and Go on the morning of your start
  • Batch Starts and Seeding
  • Number Boards
  • Cycling SA (CSA) Membership
  • GPS Navigation
  • Water Tables and Food Stations
  • At the end of the day
  • Cut-off Policy
  • Prize-givings
  • Massage & Physio’s

***NOTE: All clothing orders have been placed so unfortunately no changes can be made on your entry. Clothing can be swapped at the event among riders or at the finish in Scottburgh.

Race Info...


As you may all well know, KAPsani2c is committed to community upliftment, here is some community related news

  • Animal Matters
  • Beading Mementos
  • KAPsani2c supports Methodist Easter Weekend


Dear sani2c riders

Flowering Cosmos.

Sani season is rolling in quickly and the cosmos is always a sign that we need to ramp things up. With 5 weeks to go before the start of KAP sani2c 2018 we move into the red zone and all route teams along our 300km trails are in time trial mode. Although there are many things important to us, giving you that “wow” moment on the trails is key. Be this in the form of flowing single track, crocodiles, rhinos, floating bridges or just sections of amazing scenery. We understand that your riding experience is central to a successful KAP sani2c and we will work extremely hard to achieve this.

Along with a number of exciting changes on the route here is just another new sani innovation to help improve your 3 days on your bike: Passing Zones

What are Passing Zones? These will be widened sections of track where all riders are required to keep left and allow faster riders to move past on the right. This is a basic road user’s principal where slower vehicles move into the left lane and faster vehicles move past on the right.

What’s the difference between Dual Track and Passing Zones?
Simply put Dual Track is 2 single tracks running parallel to each other with links at various points allowing you to change lanes. This ultimately doubles the single track and allows for overtaking and racing opportunities. Most often Dual Track is found on uphill sections allowing stronger riders to pass. Stronger riders are often not faster on the downhill’s sections and this is where Passing Zones will come into play.

Adding these innovations into our single track make for a more enjoyable day but we also request all our riders to adhere to our KAP sani2c single track etiquette which is based on the following common-sense principals:

  • Respect everyone on the single-track, regardless of whether they are slower and in front of you, or faster and behind you. Here, kind communication is key to a happy day.
  • Keep left pass right (as is common practice on dual carriageways)
  • Keep to the left at both the Passing Zones and Dual Track unless you want to pass the rider in front of you. Once past move left to allow other riders the opportunity to pass should they wish.
  • If you opt not to ride some of the technical sections in the single-track, please move well off the riding line.

We would like to instill this common sense etiquette to all single track sections. If someone is following you on single-track ask if you're holding them up.  Likewise, if you can't get by somebody, don't start screaming at him or wasting energy getting frustrated.  Just say "Please can you give me a line when you get a chance?" Passing Zones and Dual Track have been included to allow ample opportunity for this.

I was fortunate to ride the BC Bike Race in Canada last year and my take home experience was how considerate all the riders were moving aside at any opportunity. For 2018 we will attempt to instill this etiquette in our riders and thereby improve the experience for everyone. Happy riders are what make our day in KAP sani2c Country!

Now go ride that bike, we want Iconic smiles!
Farmer Glen


Get a taste of what to expect by checking out the daily stage descriptions that follow. We can assure you that KAP sani2c will always have plenty of its signature fast, smooth, flowing single-track where each rider dictates their level of technicality by adjusting their speed. Farmer Glen has been committed to improving the route since first scouting rides way back in 1992.

DAY 1

Trail: 8 May
Adventure: 9 May
Race: 10 May

Start: Glencairn Farm, Himeville, 8am
Finish: Mackenzie Club, Eastwolds, Ixopo
Distance: 82km
Total ascent: 1 295m
Water Point 1: 42km
Water Point 2: 66km

Average max temp: 28.4°C
Sunrise (Sani): 6.33am
Sunset (Mackenzie): 5.18pm

DAY 2

Trail: 9 May
Adventure: 10 May
Race: 11 May

Start: Mackenzie Club, Eastwolds, Ixopo, 6.30am
Finish: Jolivet, 10km south of Highflats
Distance: 99km
Total ascent: 1 544m
Water Point 1: 39km
Water Point 2: 58km
Water Point 3: 85km

Ave max temp: 35.4°C
Sunrise (Mackenzie): 6.34am
Sunset (Highflats): 17.16pm

DAY 3

Trail: 10 May
Adventure: 11 May
Race: 12 May

Start: Jolivet, 7am (except in the Race event – see times under Race Info)
Finish: Scottburgh Primary School, Scottburgh
Distance: 82km
Total ascent: 883m
Water point 1: 23km
Water point 2: 58km

Ave max temp: 28.2°C
Sunrise (Highflats): 6.34am
Sunset (Scottburgh): 5.14pm

Please read through the below information containing some important points

Download Race Information (PDF)


2018 DATES
Trail: Mon 7 May 2018 | Adventure: Tues 8 May 2018 | Race: Wed 9 May 2018
Venue: Glencairn Farm

Registration will be held at Glencairn Farm on the dates listed.
Registration will open at 11am each morning and close at 7pm each evening.
Team members need to attend registration together and sign their indemnity forms.
All teams will be issued with their black box containing their number board, clothing and other important items.
Their race village band will be fitted. Underberg School will provide all riders with lunch and supporters can purchase from them.
Drinks will be available at the bar also run by Underberg School. The sani2c shop will be selling previous years’ clothing and souvenirs at registration.

Directions to Glencairn Farm
  • In Underberg Main Street, at the Shell garage, take the road to Himeville.
  • Travel for 8.3km, passing through the village of Himeville.
  • Turn left up the Sani Pass road.
  • Travel for 3.2km
  • Arrive at Glencairn Farm on your left.
  • GPS: 29°42’03.81” S, 29°29’29.29” E

Click here for Google map

Race briefings

It is recommended that all riders attend the race briefing prior to riding each stage. Final essential information regarding the route, weather prediction, safety and other housekeeping is relayed to the riders.

Race briefings for the following day’s ride will be held at these times at the various venues.
Day 1 details: 4pm on registration day at Glencairn
Day 2 details: 6pm on Day 1 at Mackenzie Club
Day 3 details: 7pm on Day 2 at Jolivet Farm


Pre event

Limited pre-event tented camping is available at Glencairn Farm. The cost for this camping is not included in your entry fee.
You need to book this separately. The camping fee includes dinner on the night of registration day and breakfast on the first day of the event.
Alternatively, riders can book accommodation anywhere in or around Underberg, Himeville or Sani Pass.

During the event

Each team is allocated a four-person tent (2.5m X 2.5m), with enough space for two riders and luggage.
Comfortable mattresses will be provided but you are required to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.
Tents will be erected for you.

Post event

All competitors must make their own accommodation arrangements for Scottburgh after the finish of the event.

Black Boxes

Each competitor will be issued with a 100-litre dust- and waterproof plastic box. The letter on your black box is not your batch sticker. You can ignore it. This is to help the box stacker while off-loading at the race villages.

All your clothing, bike spares, energy drinks, etc, need to be packed into this box and this will be transported between the stage locations. No other bags will be transported between stage locations. It will be your responsibility to load your box onto the Super Group truck before the start of each day.

There will be a separate truck travelling from registration directly to Scottburgh with bike boxes and any other kit you will not require during the event. Please ensure that you load any unwanted kit into this truck, which will be at Glencairn the afternoon of your registration and the morning of your start.

Black boxes need to be handed back at the finish in Scottburgh where they will be exchanged for a Finisher’s top.

Drop and Go on the morning of your start

All riders not staying at Glencairn Farm on the evening prior to their start will need to make use of the Drop and Go system on Glencairn Farm, situated at the entrance near the batch pounds.

Supporters bringing riders to the start will need to drop riders with their bikes and boxes at the Super Group trucks, which will be positioned at the loading ramps opposite the batch pounds. The Super Group truck taking bike boxes and other items directly to the finish in Scottburgh will also be positioned here.

Riders need to be race ready, with bottles and GPS units.

Riders will need to load their boxes and can then help themselves to the complimentary Food Lovers Market breakfast at Glencairn Farm. Your supporters are welcome to join you for a complementary breakfast.

This system will run from 7am to 10am on the mornings of each start date. Please ask drivers to be aware of cyclists on this section as it forms part of the neutral zone at the first 3km of the Day 1 route.

Please aim to be dropped off at least 40 minutes prior to your start time so you have enough time for breakfast and to check in to your batch pound, situated just before the start line.

Batch starts and seeding

In an effort to reduce congestion on the race route, we will be seeding all teams for the start each day. Seeding for Day 1 will be based on recent events and/or your last sani2c results. Seeding for Day 2 and Day 3 will be based on your overall position.


Day 1: Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10-minute intervals on Day 1, with Batch A starting at 8am.
Day 2: Batches A-V will consist of 25 teams each and will leave at 5-minute intervals. Batches W-Z will consist of 50 teams each and will leave at 10-minute intervals. Batch A will start at first light.
Day 3: All 50-team batches (in non-Race events) will leave at 10-minute intervals.

Reverse order for Batches A and B on Day 3 in the Race event only. Batch C will start at 6:30am and batches will leave at 10-miunute intervals. Batches H and onwards will leave at 5-minute intervals. A and B will start at 10am with B batch directly behind A.

All teams in contention and eligible for podium positions need to start in either Batch A or B. Should you be in the top 5 in your category the onus is on you to ensure that you have spoken to the time keepers and made arrangements to start in Batch B. Anyone not starting in Batch A or B on the last day will not be eligible for a podium position.

NOTE: Both team members need to check in together with the batch pound marshals. This must happen at least 20 minutes prior to their advertised start time. Any team jumping to an earlier batch will be given a three-hour penalty. Scanning mats on the start line will record your official start time and pick up any discrepancies.

You will receive a SMS confirming your batch start times for all three days the day before that specific day. The onus is on you to ensure that you start in the correct batch.
Seeding of teams and their relevant batch start time will be sent via SMS 10 days before registration. Batch lists with start times will also be displayed at registration and before the start.
Together both team members are required to enter their batch pounds after reporting to their batch marshal. This must be at least 20 minutes prior to their start time.
Any team jumping to an earlier batch will be given a three-hour penalty. Scanning mats on the start line will record your official start time.

Batch start times

Batch Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 RACE Day 3

Number boards

Each rider will find their number board in their black box. Your timing chip will be in your number board. Do not cut or punch additional holes into your number board as you may damage the electronic filaments needed to time you. Please verify that your timing chip is functional and has your correct details by getting a scanned check at registration.
When you cross the finish line please confirm with the time keepers that they have picked up your number.
Day 1 batch stickers will be on your number boards. Day 2 and Day 3 will have no batch stickers. The timing system will confirm your start time.

You will be required to hand in your number board at the finish in Scottburgh. You will receive your time and batch number via SMS and it can be found on the results boards in the race villages.

Cycling South Africa membership

KAP sani2c is a CSA sanctioned event however due to their current situation with CSA we would rather work through our local body, KZN Cycling. KZN Cycling is well managed and an organisation that is functioning efficiently.
We will continue supporting our cycling body but will do so through our province until such time that CSA sorts out it’s affairs.

GPS navigation

sani2c uses full GPS navigation, however important turns are still marked, ensuring everyone gets to the finish safely. We have joined forces with EasyBike who are our GPS information and support gurus.

They will be available to answer any GPS questions in the run-up to the event, at registration and at the race villages along the route.

Water Tables and Food Stations

The rule of thumb is that there is one watering station per 35km (roughly). Day 1 has two watering points. Day 2 has three and Day 3 has two. Their location will be discussed at the race briefing and is indicated on the maps displayed at each overnight stop.

Each watering point will serve chilled water and coke. Each table will also have a selection of eats available. Each morning at breakfast, you can make sandwiches to carry with you if you feel you require more nutrition for the ride. We recommend that you carry your own favourite brand of energy bars, nuts, fruit cake, gels, etc.

At the end of the day

Your bike will be taken away from you for washing by the Talismanne as you cross the finish line. Remember to stop and remove your GPS device.

aQuellé will be on the finish line of each stage handing out water so you can rehydrate.
Clover Vanilla and Chocolate Milk will also be available in the recovery area, and the USN team will be offering shakers and recovery drinks. They will also offer advice to anyone who experienced hydration, sugar and other issues along the route.

Once hydrated and recovered, you will be required to collect your Black Box from the Super Group truck. Trolleys will be available to help you push your box to your tent. Please do this yourself and refrain from using the race village staff. The race village helpers have other tasks to perform and the offer of tips is not encouraged.

Delete the first numeral from your race board and this is your tent number. Once you have found your tent, leave your trolley in the passage and a porter will return it.

Please shower before going to lunch in the Barn. (For hygienic and other obvious reasons, we request that all riders shower before visiting any dining area.) The Barn at Mackenzie and Jolivet is open 24 hours and will serve lunch, tea, coffee, chocolates, banana bread and supper for the duration of the event for all competitors between the start and finish lines. Tea and instant coffee will be provided but all other beverages (alcoholic and soft) will need to be purchased from the bars provided by the local communities.

Supporters and race crew need to stock up with all their meals, drinks, etc, before the start as these will not be available in the race villages. We are in the country so shops are extremely scarce.

Cut-off policy

We will have a cut-off at the last water point of each day and one at the finish at 5pm. These cut-offs are very achievable and will be announced at race briefing each evening.

Why a cut-off policy? We have an incredible backup support crew who look after you in daylight hours. You need to be in before dark or this impacts on them and results in us spending too much time looking after the unfit and underprepared versus the majority of our riders.

sani2c is an event that is about achieving something. It is not a bike tour. Only riders who finish all three stages will get the Finisher’s T-shirt in Scottburgh.


We will stage a prizegiving at the race village each day. Stage winners and overall category leaders should be present at the daily awards ceremony. The final prize giving will be held at Scottburgh beach at 1pm.

Day 1: Mackenzie 6pm
Day 2: Jolivet 7pm
Day 3: Scottburgh 1pm

NOTE: Only the Race event gets awarded for overall category. The Trail and Adventure riders will receive fun prizes.

Massage & Physio’s

NOTE: Massage pre-bookings for 2018 close on 30 April so get your bookings in timeously so you can get your desired timeslot.
Use the following links to make your booking: massages and physios

Download Race Information (PDF)


Dear Glen, Mandy & all the Sani2c riders & supporters

Once again from all at the "Rural Animal Welfare" as well as all the dogs and cats who are going to benefit so enormously from your most generous donations, from the bottom of all our hearts we can’t thank you enough.

  It’s all because of people like you who have so willingly and selflessly contributed to this cause, we are now able to take our Spayathons wider & deeper into the rural areas. The positive effect on the animals living in the informal settlement in & around Mackenzie, Ixopo & Jolivet can already be seen from our regular sterilization and inoculation drives.   

At the end of January 2018, we Held the Nokweja Spayathon in memory of Sally Hayter who sadly passed away in April last year. She was a co-founder of the Rural Animal Welfare project, her passion & enthusiasm shone with her love of the rural as well as rescue animals, she is sorely missed.

To date we have been successful in sterilizing 438 animals , 1150 inoculations and not forgetting to mention heath amd animal care education.  Thank you to an awesome Volunteer team made up of Vets, Com-Serve Students &  enthusiastic Volunteers, as well as the support of the state Vet.    Please visit our Facebook page "Rural Animal Welfare" for all our news and updates.

KAP sani2c, one of our greatest sponsors and supporters of our cause, will again be organizing another Spayathon in the Jolivet area in June. A huge thanks to you all once again. We are so touched by your wonderful gesture and huge generosity. 

Kind regards   Lauren & Glynnis  Rural Animal Welfare


Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation have been making the now famous bike bracelets from the get go. The home is a day care and weekly residential facility for disabled children and young adults in Bulwer, not far off the sani2c route. They have been hard at work making your bracelets. Here is a pic of Sibusiso on the left who is completely blind and Nyusiwe on the right who is partially sighted, busily at work on the bracelets.

They would like to thank the sani2c team and riders for allowing them once again to get some funds back to unemployed and disabled people in the community.

When you get them at the start of Day 2, cherish your beaded bracelet. A lot of love, time and care has gone into them. Remember who were the hands behind your gift and let this motivate you on your way to Jolivet.


Over the Easter weekend there was a large Methodist community celebration in Bulwer where over 1000 people attended from in and around the area.

They approached KAP sani2c for assistance with a marquee and together with Jason’s Marquee Hire from Ladysmith, they enjoyed their celebrations undercover during the wet few days Kwa Zulu-Natal experienced over that time. Here are a few images supplied to us by the organisers.