What’s the difference
Should I do the Trail, Adventure or Race?

Over the years, when sani2c became so popular it would sell out immediately, the event grew and was split into the Adventure and the Race, with the elite racing being part of the Race. The Trail was added in 2012 when entries for the Adventure also became hard to come by. In 2020, with a postponed and paired down event happening in December due to COVID-19, the Trail was dropped, but made a comeback in 2024 as the event that caters for e-bikers.

The Trail is for e-bikers and their friends

KAP sani2c has welcomed e-bikes to enter sani2c for several years, the Trail event is the e-bike event, with a podium and leader jerseys. E-bikes will not be allowed to enter the Race or Adventure events. Conventional bike teams may join the Trail, which will facilitate mixed parties of e-bikers and conventional bike teams. This means that e-bikes are well catered for and feel welcome at sani2c.

The Trail is the first of the three sani2c events. This is the event that caters for teams with one, or both, teammates on an e-bike. The Trail also allows for teams with both team members on conventional bikes. Starting on Tuesday and ending in Scottburgh on Thursday.
The Adventure is the second of the three sani2c events and historically has been the most popular. Starting on Wednesday at Glencairn and ending on Friday in Scottburgh. No e-bikes will be allowed to ride the Adventure, they will be welcomed in the Trail.
The Race event is the last of the three sani2c events. The Race is where you will find the professional athletes and part-time or ‘working pros’ racing for their respective categories. The tough competition is experienced at the front end of the Race and creates a buzz around who is in the lead after each stage. No e-bikes will be allowed to ride the Race, they will be welcomed in the Trail.

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