Timeless Principles

Our 10 sani2c timeless principles

The crew, sponsors, partners, helpers and riders at sani2c will aspire to these timeless principles of mountain biking.
(Simple principles that help make our sport great.)

01. We will show respect to all.

Landowners, other trail users and local inhabitants are often inconvenienced by us. We will show them respect and appreciation. We will greet everyone we pass.

02. We will show respect to the environment.

We will be environmentally responsible. We will not throw our trash. We will do things to offset our carbon footprint. We will set an example and make a difference so our children do the same.

03. We will never take things for granted.

Many people wish they could ride a mountain bike. Some can’t afford it, some do not have the drive, ability, mobility or health to attempt it and others simply cannot get in. We will never expect to be entitled to anything.

04. We will never complain or be critical unless we constructive.

Everyone is trying their best, sometimes with all best intentions people don’t get things right.

05. We will never be negative.

We cannot control the weather or change some terrain. We are in nature and our sport is called mountain biking, there are some hills we have to use. Sometimes it rains and there is mud, other times it is dusty. Life is not all downhill. We will remain positive when the going is tough.

06. Our life has greater purpose than just having fun.

Appreciate that sani2c is more than just a 3 day ride. The greatest joy in our lives will not come from the 3 days at sani2c but in realizing that we can help many others in more ways than we know.

07. We will never be selfish.

We will share for the betterment of our sport and broader community. We will share our ideas and our trails. We won’t make the cows stampede, horses bolt and runners move over, and try not terrifying the walkers. Understand that fellow riders on their bikes have right of way. Pushers and slower riders need to move aside. People with manners smile, greet and move over.

08. We will all seek to be excellent in all that we do.

At sani2c we all strive to surprize ourselves in what we achieve. We will all (crew, sponsors, partners and riders) be hardworking, train hard, be well prepared and diligent in all we do.

09. We will be real friends to our brothers and sisters.

At sani2c we will all be honest, trustworthy, well organized, respectful, considerate, kind, thoughtful, express appreciation, be responsible, reliable and dependable.

10. We will all appreciate that there are absolutes.

Some things are just plain wrong.

Take the initiative (it’s up to us all)