More Than A Ride

The model for sani2c has always been twofold: to provide riders with a near-perfect experience – and to benefit the area and its people.
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more than just a ride


Petro Sosiba grew up in the Umkomaas Valley and was educated at Msayana School, one of sani2c’s long-standing beneficiaries. He started working on the farm as a general labourer but is now Farmer Glen’s right-hand man. Thank you mostly to him and his many phenomenal talents the race villages are what they are today. He has been instrumental in training and upskilling many of the local employees. They are now builders, tilers and plumbers. In preparation for the 2017 event this team has built an additional 20 mens toilets, upgraded and tiled the ladies’ ablutions at Jolivet, tiled and upgraded the ablution facilities at Glencairn and at MacKenzie have built 50 new men’s showers.

sani2c started in 2005 as a fund raiser for the development of Lynford School, which serves the educational needs of the children from this small community. The parents and pupils of Lynford have been instrumental in getting sani2c where it is today. This year the sani2c Community Development Trust has committed to educate Sosiba’s eldest son. He is currently in Grade RR at Lynford School. It is heartening to see how quickly the wheel has turned a full circle. Without all parties involved: the communities, landowners, sponsors, partners and competitors, none of this would have been possible. In the years to come we hope to have more stories like this because at sani2c we firmly believe the education is the key to a bright future in South Africa.


Musa is from Jolivet, home of sani2c’s stage 2 overnight race village. In 2015, Tile Africa partnered with sani2c and has contributed over 7 500m2 of tiles, adhesive and grout towards the continued upgrading and building of permanent race villages at both Glencairn Farm and Jolivet. But not only has Tile Africa assisted with materials, more importantly, its contribution has benefited and uplifted members of the Jolivet community. Tile Africa made it possible to up-skill three tilers, one of whom was Musa. Since tiling at sani2c Musa has established his own successful tiling business and is in big demand. So much so that we have to book him long in advance to do our work in the race villages. Tile Africa was fundamental in creating this opportunity. Every product contribution like these enable sani2c to create more employment.


In March 2016, sani2c funded the first animal sterilisation and vaccination weekend held at Jolivet. Since then there have been a further two, one in the Umkomass Valley in September 2016 and another at Jolivet in March 2017. Together with Rural Animal Welfare (an organisation started by Ixopo/Highflats locals Sally Hayter and Glynnis Shewan) and local vets, 217 animals have been sterilised and 722 dogs inoculated and treated throughout this initiative with sani2c. The positive impact on both the people and the animals in the rural communities along the sani2c route is enormous and sani2c wishes to continue its partnership with Rural Animal Welfare in the years to come.


sani2c aligns itself with environmental sustainability and runs an innovative tree planting programme that involves numerous local landowners. The unique model for the programme starts with voluntary donations from riders and sponsors that generates a pool from which around 3 000 saplings are purchased each year. Local landowners are then approached and offered the opportunity to plant these trees on their land, and urged to ensure their survival and well-being.