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The KAP sani2c began in 2005 as a fundraiser for Lynford, which is an independent primary school near Ixopo. As the event grew, more and more members of communities living and working along the route, including other schools, charities and entrepreneurs were offered opportunities to raise funds for themselves by getting involved with the race. So it was that our motto, ‘More Than A Ride’ was born.

In 2017, the fund raising model was formalised as the sani2c Community Development Trust. This means business partners that contribute to the non-profit trust, which is used to uplift previously-disadvantaged communities on the race route, are eligible for Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) points for Social Economic Development (SED).

The premise of community involvement is that the organisations provide essential services and products for the event for which they are paid. As such, route and race village preparation, bike washing, catering, the provision and operation of water tables, shuttles for riders’ vehicles, the creation of mementos and awards, and many other services are provided by local organisations.

Every year 13 communities and 23 schools/charities and environmental groups benefit from the event. The trust provides children with access to education, from pre-primary to university and college. It funds improvements to schools on the sani2c route, including building libraries, additional classrooms, toilets and play areas. The trust also finances school stationery and study materials. In addition, it assists entrepreneurs to promote their skills and build businesses, funds an animal sterilisation and vaccination initiative with Rural Animal Welfare and supports a tree planting programme.

For most organisations involved, sani2c is their largest annual fundraiser and sani2c Community Development Trust distributes more than R10-million among beneficiaries. This excludes associated income generated by the event for the tourism and hospitality sector in the area. KwaZulu-Natal Tourism estimates sani2c generates more than R50-million per annum for the region and a further R9-million for the country via international competitors.

The benefits of community involvement are not, however, only centred on money. Originating primarily with work undertaken at the race villages, the KAP sani2c has upskilled and employed countless artisans, including builders, tilers, carpenters and plumbers. When they are not working on sani2c projects, these people take on other work, engaging the technical and entrepreneurial skills they honed with sani2c to generate income and to provide employment and pass on skills to others.

Over and above this, every year diverse groups of people get together to provide services and products at various points along the route where they not only earn money but also get to know one another better, enjoy the gees that goes with being involved and provide sure-fire evidence that the sani2c is More Than A Ride.

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